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Technical Questions
Technical Questions

All the techie stuff all under one hood

How can I make a custom field question required?
What is the difference between Calendly and Book Like A Boss?
How do I change the video on my main booking page?
Can I change the order in which my Products/Services appear on my page?
How do I set up automatic SMS reminders?
How do I change the language of my account?🇫🇷
Do I need my own domain to sign up for Book Like a Boss?
Will my clients receive a calendar invite?
Can my client add guests to a booking?
Can I block several hours of a day that I am not available?
What do I do if my Bookings are not appearing on my synced calendar?
Can I create Gift Cards?
How can I set up a permanent Zoom link as the location for my Appointment or Service?
How do I duplicate an Event?
Can I block off a chunk of time on a one-off basis?
How do I share a digital product with my client?
Where do I edit the colors of my embed?
How do I set up a booking schedule?
How do I cancel a booking?
How do I change which questions are displayed on my booking forms?
How do I remove the Coupon text box from the booking form?
How do I change my "Book Me" button?
Can I create multiple coupons for the same Product or Service?
Can I set up "Pay What You Want" for Session Packs?
Can I have my recurring event use the same Zoom meeting ID each time?
How do I set up a Zoom meeting for a one-time Event?
How do I see what my page looks like to clients?
Can I sell Membership services?
Can I add multiple images for a service? How about a different cover image?
Can I sell a session pack for a total price rather then per session?
Do you Integrate with Google Tag Manager?
How do I set up a Group Booking?
How Can I embed on Wix and can I multiple embeds on the same page?
Can I change the "Reply to" Email Address?
How do I change the email address associated with my account?
Can I edit booking info after an order has been placed?
What's the difference between Orders and Bookings?
Why is my calendar double-booking?
How do I integrate with Google Maps?
Can I add Zoom details to Events that were already created?
Can I delete events that I have set up as Recurring Events?
What are Session Packs and How Do They Work?
Why are my bookings getting added to my Google calendar twice?
Can I limit the number of bookings per day?
Can I set different durations for the same service?
What are Text Pages for and how do I use them?
How do I integrate Google Meet with Book Like A Boss?
Can I Add Videos to Individual Products and Services?
How do I use Coupon Codes?
Can I set up recurring events?
Can I Pre-Fill fields on Booking Forms?
Can my Clients Upload a file?
How do I block somebody from booking with me?
How do I remove the "Powered by ..." text from the bottom of my page and emails?
Where can I edit the confirmation email template?
Where can my clients Cancel/Reschedule their appointments?
How do I add Video to my Main Page?
How to Create a Lead Magnet
Changing Plans
Can I Print Out Invoices?
Can I have my clients fill out a form?
How do I connect my third-party calendar to prevent double-bookings?
Can I limit re-schedules and cancellations?
Can I manually email my clients reminders?
Does Book Like a Boss Have an API?
Can I share just a booking link instead of my entire booking page?
Does BLAB use E-mail Reminders?
Do I need to set up a SSL certificate on my booking page?
Can I bill my clients through Venmo?
I don't want a "Contact Me" button on my page. Can I remove it?
Can I add my own favicon to my BLAB booking page?
Can I reschedule an appointment a client has booked with me?
What is SCA and does Book Like a Boss use it?
How do I hide certain appointments or services from my main booking page?
My page is not translating correctly to the language I have set
How do I set up a custom booking schedule for an appointment or service?
What is Dubb and how can I integrate it with my Book Like a Boss account?
What happens to my existing bookings when I connect a third-party calendar?
How do I customize email and SMS reminders and confirmations?
How do I connect MailChimp to Book Like A Boss?
How to embed your booking calendar into your website
Add a CNAME record to your domain's DNS records
How to integrate Zoom with Book Like A Boss and the reasons why you should
How to integrate Gist (ConvertFox) with Book Like A Boss and the reasons why you should.
How to integrate CallPage with Book Like A Boss and the reasons why you should.
Connect Book Like A Boss to thousands of other apps with Zapier
Can I change my booking page's link?
How to integrate Poptin with Book Like A Boss and the reasons why you should.
Can I add custom fields to my booking forms?
Apple Calendar Busy/Free Setting
How to switch booking schedule from AM/PM to 24-hour format
How to set up group classes
How to send booking notification emails to additional addresses
How to change your texts, colors, and fonts