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General Questions
General Questions

A collection of some questions to help get you going

How do I fill out my profile details?
How do I change the currency I charge in?
How do 'Offline Payments' work and how do I use them?
Is BLAB HIPAA Compliant?
Why aren't my clients receiving Zoom links?
Can I change the "reply to" email address?
Book Like a Boss and GDPR and DPA
Does Book Like A Boss have a product roadmap?
Do I need to adjust my calendar availability to match my client's timezone?
Does BLAB have a Facebook Group?
Do you integrate with Vectera?
Can I customize my pages with different "Skins" ?
Is there a way to block off time on my calendar so I appear busy to my clients?
What are custom landing pages and how will that impact my account?
What is Padding and how does it effect my booking schedule?
Where can I see my monthly invoices?
Can BLAB be used with more than one user?
How do I create a custom calendar for a Product or Service?
Can I manually add appointments to my BLAB calendar?
How do I refund a client who has paid via Stripe?
How do I set up an appointment for a client from the dashboard?
Connect Book Like A Boss and GoToMeeting in Minutes
My availability is not blocked off on the times I’m unavailable as set in my synced calendar
Features: Time Off & Delete Orders
How to Approve or Decline an order
Who can benefit from using Book Like A Boss?
What is Book Like A Boss?
What is custom footer and branding removal?
How do I join your free trial?
Do you have an affiliate program?
How do I add FAQs to my booking pages?
How do I add testimonials to my booking page?
How to Set Up and Use for Your BLAB Account