Firstly, please check the settings on your calendar page ( that you have indeed selected 2 way sync as shown here:

Make sure to click the 'UPDATE' button if any settings have been changed.

Secondly, make sure that in your connected/synced calendar events that you want to block out your availability have the status of 'BUSY' and not 'FREE'. For example, a dentist appointment next Monday from 9am-11am should mark you as 'BUSY'. A birthday on the other hand should have a 'FREE' setting so that you can still be bookable during that time frame.

As shown below in Gmail, the default setting is 'FREE'.

Lastly, on the appointments or packages pages, once your are in 'edit mode' by clicking on the pencil for editing. Indicated by the following icon:

Once this section is active, scroll down to just before the button and you will notice an area that allows you to define which calendar/s to 'push' and 'pull' from. This means that for some calendars you may want to send ('push') the booking information to and others you do not want to 'push' to. Likewise, you are able to check ('pull') availability from a personal calendar and not a team calendar for example.

We hope this answers your question and solves the issue you may be experiencing.

Please use the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen if you have any further questions or even just to say hi! 

The BLAB Team

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