The Book Like a Boss calendar and booking tool is really helpful and allows you to reach clients and for your clients to book with you through your BLAB calendar. Some Bosses, however, prefer to put the appointments in their calendars on their own, without having the clients access their BLAB calendar.

This is possible on the BLAB platform if that is your preference.You essentially input the client's information as if you are the client.
What you need to do is go to your BLAB page and click on the day and time in your calendar that you would like to book this appointment. 

When the pop-up requesting info appears on your screen, fill in the spaces with the client's info.  They will receive an email about this booking. 

Make sure you have your client's correct information. You can also create custom fields on this booking pop-up, to include phone numbers or any other information you would like to include. To learn more about custom field click here .
Hope this helps you!

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