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How do I add FAQs to my booking pages?
How do I add FAQs to my booking pages?

Did you already set your bookings page FAQ (frequently asked questions)? If not, it probably should. Here we show you how.

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Frequently asked questions, or FAQs as they are known, are a great way to improve your customer’s experience. You get to answer the questions that are most commonly asked surrounding your product or service before your client even has to contact you.

They make the booking process quicker and safer so be sure to include some valuable content that your clients will want to know before they make business with you.

Guided walk-through on how to add them 💪

Add Global FAQs 👇

  1. From your Dashboard locate Page Settings which opens more options, there you'll find the FAQ's section that you'll have to click

  2. Boom! You'll see the page where you can Add FAQ by filling a very basic form with Question and Answer fields

  3. Customize your Answer by using the available set of tools. For example, you can link your price list, highlight the most important sentence, or number some steps.

Remember that people want quick, easy-to-digest information, use the FAQ section of your booking page to provide value to your audience. Hope this helps!

Per-service FAQs 🎯

  1. Find the Appointment or Product or Service, to which you'd like to add the customized FAQs. Click on the three dots ( ... ) on the top of the card, then click on Edit and enter the settings page.

  2. Click on FAQ in the top horizontal tab bar. Then click on Add FAQ.

  3. Add the question and it's answer. Don't forget to finish by clicking on Save Changes.

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