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Where do I edit the colors of my embed?
Where do I edit the colors of my embed?

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Hey Boss 👋

Modifying the colors of your embeds is one neat step to making sure embeds line up with your company's branding - got to keep things looking snazzy! We get that.

At this time, your embed colors will not automatically match up to the color options you have set up on your BLAB page. Shucks.

But no worries, it's easy-as-pie to manually update your embed's colors. Let me show you how.

How to edit your embed's colors 😎

Note: We plan on releasing an updated embed in the future where this process will be more streamlined.

Written walk-through (in case you're anti-video 😉)

To modify your embed's colors, make sure you're logged into your Admin panel, then:

  1. Click Other Settings in the left-side bar

  2. Click on Embeds and select the pencil icon for the embed you'd like to modify

  3. Next, modify your embed's colors to match your brand, or your kitchen sink. Whatever floats your boat.

And of course, don't forget to hit Save! Easy-as-pie, right?

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