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Can I create multiple coupons for the same Product or Service?
Can I create multiple coupons for the same Product or Service?

Of course! Customize your coupons to suit your customers

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Hey Boss 👋

If you are wondering if you can have multiple coupons for the same product/service the quick answer is Yes!

You might be interested in creating a code that would give your clients 20% off the price for a first-time purchase and then another code that would give a 15% discount if they have spent X amount on your products.

Ok, but how do I do that?

  1. From your Dashboard go to Other Settings and then Coupons

  2. Add as many coupons as you'd like and make all the configurations needed for them to apply such as:

    1. Expiration date

    2. Order Minimum

    3. Max Usages

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