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Is BLAB HIPAA Compliant?
Is BLAB HIPAA Compliant?

Medical facilities, mental health clinics, life coaches- take note!

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Medical offices, mental health professionals, and clinics value their clients' privacy and their clients rely on that confidentiality to feel trust (and so does the law 👀). The purpose of HIPAA compliance ensures the confidentiality of private patient information, no little thing.

In addition to protecting patient privacy and information, complying with HIPAA protects organizations from costly security breaches, lawsuits, and penalties for violations.

As of May 2021 Bosses can rest assured that all information on Book Like A Boss is secured and we have HIPAA compliance. We worked hard to make this possible and are excited to offer this to our Bosses.

Still unsure about what HIPAA means? You can check out this article to find out more.

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