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What's the difference between Orders and Bookings?
What's the difference between Orders and Bookings?

Learn about the differences between the categories of Orders and Bookings on your Dashboard

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If you are a little confused about some of the terms on the BLAB Dashboard- never fear! All Bosses need some clarification and explanation now and then.

What is the difference between Orders and Bookings?

Orders represent an order placed by a customer and can, in theory, have more than 1 line item (e.g. a massage, a pedicure, etc.) At the moment the platform only allows for one line item per order but we will soon be supporting a shopping cart feature which will allow a customer to check out with more then 1 item.

Any given order can only belong to 1 customer.

A Booking is a view of a time based "line item". It will show information about all customers who have purchased that specific booking. For example- a class or group booking will have many customers in it.

We offer both categories for our Bosses to better manage their businesses. Hope that helps clear things up!

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