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Why is my calendar double-booking?
Why is my calendar double-booking?

Find out why your calendar is not syncing or double booking

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Sometimes you may have set up everything on your account and started to accept bookings but suddenly you realize- Uh-oh! My calendars are double booking me for appointments! What's a Boss to do?

Here are two things you should explore if this is happening to you.

(1) Go to and press the MANAGE CALENDARS button. In the popup, press the MANAGE button next to the calendar in question and make sure all checkboxes are checked as needed.

(2) Is the event marked as BUSY?

For example, in Google calendar:

  1. Click the event

  2. Click the pencil icon

  3. Set the Busy/Free dropdown to Busy

  4. Press Save

Very, very often these two things are the cause of double booking. If after you've tried these you are still having issues -the BLAB team would be happy to help you figure it out.

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