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What are Session Packs and How Do They Work?
What are Session Packs and How Do They Work?

All you need to know about Session Packs

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Session Packs is a type of package of services that was solution created by the BLAB team for Bosses who would like to sell multiple bookings. In the past we had a workaround for Bosses who wanted to offer a package of multiple bookings but it was not ideal and a little tricky.

Session Packs allow Bosses to set up a pack of bookings- ideal for classes/meetings/sessions.

You set a minimum number and a maximum number and include the price per session. Bosses have the same options for specifications and customizations as other Products, Services and Events. There is the option to require your clients to select all the dates at the time of booking or they can select the dates and times at a later point.

Bosses can track which bookings were placed and have the ability to reschedule or cancel as well as send out specific reminder emails prior to meetings. By offering Session Packs you are ensuring that your clients are locked in for multiple sessions with you and the platform makes it easy to bill, track, remind and meet up.

In a nutshell, Session Packs are a game-changer for Bosses everywhere.

If you want to get more info about Session Packs and see them in action check out the video below.


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