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Can I limit the number of bookings per day?
Can I limit the number of bookings per day?

Don't lose your mind with overwork. Limit the number of bookings you get per service, per day

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Hey Boss 👋

You are a busy Boss and busy bosses sometimes need to do what's best for their businesses and sanity and limit the number of bookings that they can take per day.

If you are interested in limiting the number of bookings you receive per day, for whatever reason, you can do so!

Do it yourself by following this video we made for you 😎

Or read the instructions below 💪

  1. As always, start from your Dashboard, then go to Appointments or Products & Services, then click on Edit on the package you'd like to limit.

  2. Now that you're in the Settings area. Find the option that says Limit amount of booking per day.

  3. Choose the maximum amount of bookings you'd like to have per day.

That's it! One less thing to worry about as won't be getting overbooked or overworked. If you ever decide to increase or decrease the number you can just go back into your settings and adjust.

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