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Can I set different durations for the same service?
Can I set different durations for the same service?

Learn how to offer your clients various durations for the same service

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Ever wanted to offer multiple duration options for the same service to your clients?

For example- you are a life coach who can offer a 45 minute session and a double session of 90 minutes. The service is the same- your coaching, but the duration and price will differ.

Instead of setting up two different services on BLAB you can now set up the service and set two ( or more!) separate duration settings.

What you can do is within the settings for your service click on the "Add Duration" button.

You can add as many durations and their prices within that service. Click on Save changes and you when your clients view your page they will see the service listed with the various durations and their costs listed.

What about Appointments? Glad you asked! You can have varying durations for your Appointments as well.

Want to see this great feature in action? Check out the video below!

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