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Can I set up recurring events?
Can I set up recurring events?

Learn how to set up recurring classes, training sessions, mastermind groups and more

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The ability to set up, market and bill clients for recurring events is a BLAB feature that has been highly anticipated for a while . If you would like to set up recurring events for your clients you can do so by following the steps below.

1- Go to your Events tab and select Recurring Event

2- Name your Event

3- Connect your calendars according to your preferences

4- Adjust the settings, add description of the recurring event

A new and cool setting that we have added is the option to allow clients to join after the recurring event has already started - example - You are leading a 6 week course on fly-fishing. Johnny missed the first two weeks but is interested in joining your course now. Are you open to allowing that possibility? If so make sure to tick the checkbox that says " Allow joining after start date"

5- An important step is to ADD SESSIONS. You will see this towards the top part of your recurring event settings. You can add the name of the session and adjust settings. Once you have added sessions you manage the sessions created and adjust if necessary. This is helpful if you need to change dates/times or other settings for any reason.

Make sure to Save all Changes! Like with other Events you can customize the landing page to your taste and to match the vibe of the event you are marketing and selling.

Your clients will easily be able to book your recurring event and pay for your events!

Check out the video below to see recurring events

in action.

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