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At this time there is no way to fully block someone from seeing your page and attempting to contact you. What we DO have set up is an Approval Require option on your Appointment and Products/Services settings.

If you want to ensure that you have approval power on all incoming bookings then I suggest you to keep reading. This way bookings that are placed will be marked as Pending and you will have the ability to Approve or Decline.

We made a video guide for you πŸ˜‰

We also wrote the step-by-step guide 😎

  1. From your BLAB Dashboard, find Booking Pages and then select Appointments or Products & Services, according to the type of package you'd like to edit

  2. Hover over your desired package until you see the three dots ( ... ) click on them and then on Edit.

  3. Now that you're in Settings mode, scroll down until you see the Approval Required checkbox as shown, and select it.

  4. Don't forget to hit Save before you leave.

This package will now require approval in order for it to be added to your calendar. Should you wish to revert to 'automatic' approval mode, make sure to unselect this checkbox and hit Save.

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