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Can I customize my pages with different "Skins" ?
Can I customize my pages with different "Skins" ?

Learn about BLAB's new Skins option

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Our newest 2020 update launched in February. This Skins feature allows you, the Boss, to select a different Skin for your BLAB page.

When you select Skins from the left side of your Dashboard you can now select Modern Light skin to give your landing page an entirely different modern, updated look. 

Some differences include:

-A tab module for your Appointments. You can easily scroll through to locate the appointment you want to book.

-Products and Services can now include a beautiful image for each of your services.  The Products and Services section now also includes two separate buttons: Details and Book Me. Sometimes a client of yours knows exactly what they want to buy from you and want to book right away. If they need more details, they can select the Details button to learn more about that product. 

-You can add as many photos and videos as you would like for each Product or Service.

These are just a few of the cool changes that are included with the Skins feature.

Have some questions? Here are some of our FAQ

Q: Is this available for every plan?

A: Yes, this skin works with every plan.

Q: Will you be introducing more skins?

A: Yes, in the future we will be offering more, but we have a bunch of other new features that will be launched before we add more skins.

Q: Can each landing page have a different skin?

A: Not today, but that is our plans 😊

Q: Will we be able to create our own skins?

A: Down the line we will allow 3rd party designers to create and sell skins.

Q: How do I add a video to my main page?

A: Same way until now, in the integrations section in the YouTube area.

Q: Where can I add photos and videos for my landing pages?

A: In the “Cover Media” section in the editing area of your appointments, products & services.

Q: Do my embeds have the new look and feel of the new skin?

A: As of now no, they will have the classic look and feel, but we are working on updating this.

Q: Does the back link work with Custom Domains?

A: Not today, but we are working on it 

To see the Skins feature in action check out this tutorial video:

We are really excited about this feature and hope you are too! 

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