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Can I limit re-schedules and cancellations?
Can I limit re-schedules and cancellations?

Find out what you can do to minimize customer re-schedules and cancellations

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Hey Boss! 

One of the main goals of BLAB is to make every Boss's time more efficient and productive. Running a business is hard work and an investment of your fiances, energy and time.  It is super frustrating when a customer who has booked with you decides to cancel last minute. Though that is the customer's prerogative, there are a few steps that you, as a Boss, can take to limit this from happening. 

  1. Enter the settings for Appointment/Product

  2. Scroll down until you see " Cancel and Reschedule Period"

  3. You select the time frame that you would prefer. If a client wants to cancel under that time frame they will be unable to do so. They can contact you and request a cancellation.

 * Note that this does not apply to group bookings

This was a highly requested feature. We hope that it will help Bosses limit client cancellations and help ensure that your valuable time is not wasted.

Check out this video tutorial to see this feature in action. 

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