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Can I share just a booking link instead of my entire booking page?
Can I share just a booking link instead of my entire booking page?

Absolutely, let us show you how.

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Hey Boss 👋

Looking to share the link to just one of your Appointments, Products, or Services (and not to your WHOLE booking page)?

I'm happy to inform you that Yes, you can!

Let me show you how! 🙌

Or read below for our detailed instructions 💪

Lite links are URLs that cut out all of the bells and whistles of a booking page like:

  • Cover Image

  • Testimonials

  • Pictures

  • Videos

  • And everything else

... and leaves just the necessities to get you booked:

  • Profile Picture

  • Appointment or Service title and description

  • Booking Calendar.

How to find your Lite URL 💡

While logged into your BLAB Admin panel:

  1. Navigate to Booking Pages

  2. Click on Appointments or Products & Services

  3. Click to copy or view your Lite URL within the respective card

Voila! You've copied the direct URl to that specific Appointment, Product, or Service. Now share it with your client.

Note: You can also find the Lite URL link in the description area of each Appointment or Product/Service's settings:

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