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What is Padding and how does it effect my booking schedule?
What is Padding and how does it effect my booking schedule?

Learn about Padding

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Hey Boss!

One of the great things about the BLAB software is the many customizable options.
When you are building you calendar and working on your various appointment settings you will see the "Padding" option. 

You might be wondering what exactly padding is and how it can help you organize your calendar and your working hours.

Essentially padding is a buffer zone that you can build in to each and every appointment you book. Let's say you are a life coach. You just scored a new client! Nice!  It is important to you to have proper time between clients and the next client, in order to prepare materials and gear yourself up for your next client ( or maybe even grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee!) 

It is also critical for your coaching business to have 30 minutes built into your schedule after each appointment in order to record your summary of the appointment, make sure to note resources you would like to gather for your client for your next appointment and other "housekeeping"  tasks. 

How do you set up your schedule to ensure you have this time built in?
Easy! We at BLAB have a Padding setting on every appointment that you create. You can select as much as 4 hours and 55 minutes or as little as 5 minutes padding time between each appointment. Padding applies to both the time before and the time after each booking.  

No more worrying about client's overlapping ( because sometimes an appointment can run long) or feeling rushed and harried and just wishing for a breather. 

Having the padding settings and be able to set it up according to your needs is just one way we at BLAB work to ensure you have all the tools your need to work smarter and more efficiently, helping you grow your business. 


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