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Does BLAB use E-mail Reminders?
Does BLAB use E-mail Reminders?

Find out what to do to set up reminders for both you and your customers

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Hey Boss!

One important feature that we offer is email reminders. This ensures that both you and your customers are reminded about appointments or other time based service. 

Our reminder settings are the same for both appointments and products/services. To set up reminders what you need to do is go into your Dashboard and select an appointment or product/service. 

Click on the bell icon on the upper right side of the appointment/product/service description. 

You can set up to 5 different email addresses per appointment/service. When you click on the bell icon you will see that you can input both email addresses and phone numbers for SMS notifications. (Number of SMS reminders are dependent on what plan you have) 

You can also customize how far in advance of your appointment you would like the reminder to be sent out and if you want both the reminder to be sent to client and to yourself. 

Feel free to play around with how you would like to set this up- perhaps you want an email reminder to be sent a couple days before the appointment and an SMS an hour before the arranged time. Or you might like to only send out email reminders and want to send one out a week in advance and the day of. It is up to you.  We hope you enjoy the ease of setting up your appointment reminder notifications. 

To see the steps you need to take in action, check out this tutorial video by clicking: HERE.

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