For a long while a lot of our Bosses were asking about being able to add their own custom favicon at the top of their internet page.  ( If you don't know what a favicon is - its is the small icon that appears at the left-hand side of every internet tab that is open in your browser.) 

Being able to customize your favicon for your BLAB page made a lot of sense to us.  It helps streamline your branding and allows for an identifiable image that represents your brand- no words necessary. 

We listened to our Bosses and have recently ( as of October 2019) added this feature to Book Like a Boss! 

To add a favicon to your page, there are a few steps you need to follow. 

  1. Make sure you have the "brand removal" option included in your plan. This option is included in our higher priced plans as well as team plans

  2. Go into your Dashboard and click on Profile settings  and scroll down

  3. You will see the  "Add Favicon" button on the right hand side

  4. When you click on the button you can browse your computer for favicon file. Make sure that it is in the correct format (not jpg)

  5. Re-size or adjust if you would like and click on "add favicon"

  6. Your favicon is now located at the top of your page's browser tab!


You can also watch the tutorial video HERE to see how it is done. 

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