Yay! You have a client who has booked an appointment with you. Email confirmations have gone out and you are prepping yourself for your appointment. Suddenly- you realize that you have a conflict at that time. What to do? You don't want to lose this new client (and the potential $$). 

Simple- BLAB offers a rescheduling option.  On your Dashboard main page you will see the list of orders that you have. This includes appointments and other services that have been booked. Select the one you would like to reschedule.  The order will open up and you will see a Reschedule button.

 Click on reschedule and you will be directed to a calendar of availability. If you want to reschedule you click on "I want to reschedule" and  select the new date and time.  Client will receive a confirmation email and your calendar will be updated. 

If you would like the client to reschedule- select the second option. You can write a short message and then click request re-schedule. 

Client will receive your message in an email and be prompted to select a new date and time. The previous appointment time will be deleted from your calendar. Once client has re-booked the new details will be added to your calendar. 

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