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Can BLAB be used with more than one user?
Can BLAB be used with more than one user?

You have a team of workers. Can you all share one BLAB page?

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Hey there, Boss!

Book Like a Boss was developed for one user at at time. This is ideal for the entrepreneur/solo professional who wants to stay organized, book and bill clients and establish their presence on the web. 

But what about if you have a team of people working with you? Is Book Like a Boss the right platform for your business?

Lucky for you the BLAB team has been working on an exciting new product- The Book Like a Boss Enterprise Plan! This plan is formulated especially for teams of Bosses who are looking to share calendars, use organizational tools that will make your team a cohesive unit and access lots of other cool features.

A lot of thought, care and attention to detail has gone into Enterprise. We heard from our awesome Bosses what was important to them and how to best design a product that can cater to both small and large teams. 

When will Enterprise be available? As of September 2019 we are eagerly planning an imminent roll-out by end of year. 

We will update the BLAB community when we near the launch date. Looking forward to further helping you be a Boss! 

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