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How do I create a custom calendar for a Product or Service?
How do I create a custom calendar for a Product or Service?

What to do when you have a package that is only available on specific dates?

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Hey there, Boss!  When you are selling a product or service to a client that will only be available on certain dates you probably will need to create a custom calendar, which don't fall under your global settings calendar. 

It is pretty simple to set up, once you know where to look.

On your Dashboard click on Products and Services.
Select the Product/Service that you would like to customize dates for by clicking on the calendar icon on the upper right side of the product info.

You will then be asked to select Global Settings or Custom Calendar Settings. Select Custom Calendar Settings.

Then you need to click on Add Dates, where you will select the date range of when you want this Product or Service to be available.

After you have selected the date range (which can be as small as one day) you will be directed to select the hours of availability using our slider tool - this is the same one that you have used when setting up your Global Calendar settings. 

Just like your Global Calendar, you have the capability to select blocks of time on each day that you have set for this product. Meaning- you can set up this product to be open during the hours of 9-2pm and then add more hours later in the day. You do this by clicking on the add button. 

After you have selected the hours- click on " Create Date Range" and you will be all set! 

Happy Customizing! 

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