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What is Dubb and how can I integrate it with my Book Like a Boss account?
What is Dubb and how can I integrate it with my Book Like a Boss account?

Learn about the video marketing tool and how to use it with BLAB

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We are really excited to integrate with Dubb, which is an amazing video creation and marketing platform. It allows you to share screen videos, phone and computer camera videos and also upload videos that you have created.

It has a bunch of great features that allow you edit, share, track, customize (with a call to action that you select) and analyze. 

We are super pumped to be integrated with Dubb because we love giving our Bosses even more tools to best reach clients and customers. Dubb will help increase your bookings and sales while streamlining the entire process and that's what we at BLAB are all about.

In order to integrate Dubb with your Book Like a Boss account you will need to go onto your Dubb Dashboard.
You will select the video that you have created and click on edit, and select Call to Action. In the Call To Action tab you will want to select "Calendar" in the Type category and make sure to click on Book Like a Boss as your integration of choice.

In this section you will need to add an ID and a Hash. You need to go to your BLAB Dashboard and create an embed, in the Embeds tab.  
For more info about how to create an embed click here

In your saved embed- look for the letter "i" and the letter "h"
The four numbers AFTER the letter i is your ID number for the Call to Action.
All the letters AFTER the letter h, until the quotation mark is your hash.

Cut and paste or type out the ID and Hash numbers.  

You can select a number of options on what you would like the clickable button to say. ( Schedule a Call/Consultation/ Book Me... etc)  Name this embed, then click Submit.  Save and Close.

Your Dubb video is now embedded on your BLAB page. By clicking on the public URL link you can see the video that you created/uploaded.

You can run this embedded video as you would any other BLAB booking. 

This may seem a bit complicated but once you follow the steps and familiarize yourself with the program you'll see that it can be really simple to set something up that works for you. We have created a full tutorial video to help guide you through the steps.

There is so much you can do with this tool in conjunction with BLAB. Have an awesome time and have fun with it! 

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