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Connect Book Like A Boss and GoToMeeting in Minutes
Connect Book Like A Boss and GoToMeeting in Minutes

Utilise this professional online meeting software every time a booking is made from your booking page.

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GoToMeeting makes it easy to connect with people any way you want.

While we do not have a direct integration with them, please follow these simple steps to list your online meeting room details in the email when a booking is made. Additionally, this can also be done through Zapier and is covered in this article.

Firstly, please head over to the Custom Texts page once you have created an account with Book Like A Boss and are logged in. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you reach this section:

This section allows you to add additional text to the confirmation email that is sent to both you and the customer when a booking is made. Please include all of the GoToMeeting meeting room details in this section. The meeting room ID/details will be static (it will be the same meeting room ID for every booking and not  a unique meeting room ID created specifically for each booking).

If you would like a dynamic ID (a unique URL created for each booking) then please refer to our article integrating directly with Zoom.

Hope that helps! 

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