There are circumstances where you do not want a booking to be auto-approved and added to your calendar and therefore, we allow you the ability to set this as an 'approval required' appointment or service.

In order to change from automatic to approval required, once in the edit settings for a particular package, scroll down to this area and select the check box as shown:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit 'SAVE'.

This package will now require approval in order for it to be added to you calendar. Should you wish to revert to 'automatic' approval mode, just make sure to unselect this checkbox and hit 'SAVE'.

From the customer's viewpoint, the booking page will look exactly the same and they will have no indication of it being either being an automatic or approval required package.

Right, let's head over to how the emails look and what you, the boss will receive once a booking is made. 

Your customer will receive an email with the following header in the email:

Following approval, the customer will either receive an email with a confirmation, reschedule request or cancellation. 

In your admin area, on the orders page you will notice an hourglass indicating that an action is required, i.e. that the order is pending and approval is required.

Clicking on the hourglass will show the following screen with 3 buttons, namely, Approve, Reschedule and Decline. 

Approve - this will immediately approve the order and add it to your calendar with an email being sent out the customer notifying them with a confirmation of the order.

Reschedule - either choose another date and time for your customer, or, have the customer choose another date or time for the order to occur.

Decline - the order is cancelled and you are offered a message to send to the customer describing why you have declined the order (if required).

I hope that answers all of your questions and if not, please let me know how this article can be improved or send me a message through the chat icon on the bottom left of your screen. I am real, don't worry, I'm not a bot the last time I checked and will try and be available to you as many hours of the day as possible!

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