We offer a fantastic embed that will show up on your website that will allow your customers to book, pay and find out about your services. We also integrate with Zoom too, so if you have any video consults then you can have your meeting details appear direct in the email for them when they make a booking, all ready to go! 

Click here for an example of how it may look on your site.

Why not have a quick trial with my embed code to see how it would look and the process your customer would experience
<script src="https://bookme.name/js/booklikeaboss.embed.js?i=760&h=5GdgoeAt0lV549xSbBFzeORrCfcVLBgj9w28d6lXfvOPy5ad365wDPnMp7oT" async></script>

We also create a tutorial video for this: 

Hope that helps!

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