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Can I change my booking page's link?
Can I change my booking page's link?

Promote your booking page and allow others to easily identify you by changing or customizing your public profile URL

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Hey Boss 👋

Having a custom public profile URL will help clients and customers identify you easily. Your URL is a vital part of your booking page, which is why you must choose wisely.

We offer the option to change your link so you feel represented when you share your profile. For example, your current booking page URL might be and you would like to change it to

Steps you must follow to make the change 😎

Or, read the instructions 😉

  1. Visit your BLAB Dashboard,

  2. On the left panel you'll see your name and a little arrow, click on it to see the options

  3. Click on Account Settings

  4. Click the Expand button on the right side which will open the field for you to enter your new URL.

Remember that URLs need to have at least 6 characters and must contain only letters or numbers, keep this in mind when you enter your new URL.

You can now share your new booking page link with everyone!

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