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How to integrate CallPage with Book Like A Boss and the reasons why you should.
How to integrate CallPage with Book Like A Boss and the reasons why you should.

All the technical details on how to make this integration with CallPage possible and the benefits to do so.

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Here is a simple demo on how to integrate CallPage into your Book Like A Boss Page.

Why you should integrate CallPage

There are a number of benefits to integrating this software with us and some of them are as follows:

✓ Attract your visitors’ attention with a catchy call-to-action, and get more inbound leads.

✓ For each call request, CallPage automatically connects a potential customer with an available rep in 28 seconds.

✓ No additional mobile or desktop apps needed.

To read more about this integration please read more here.

What is my CallPage ID?

Here's an example code snippet that you receive from Callpage: 

<!-- BEGIN widget -->

<script type="text/javascript">var __cp={"id":"[THIS IS YOUR ID]","version":"1.1"};(function(window,document){var cp=document.createElement('script');cp.type='text/javascript';cp.async=true;cp.src="".replace(/[+]/g,'/').replace(/[=]/g,'.');var s=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(cp,s);if(window.callpage){alert('You could have only 1 CallPage code on your website!');}else{window.callpage=function(method){if(method=='__getQueue'){return this.methods;}

else if(method){if(typeof window.callpage.execute==='function'){return window.callpage.execute.apply(this,arguments);}


<!— END widget -->

At the start of the script that I pasted above you will see something like this

var __cp={"id":"[THIS IS YOUR ID]","version":"1.1"}

So the [THIS IS YOUR ID] part is your ID.

Copy and paste that in the text field on the integrations page where it says CALLPAGE.

Additional note that might be needed to get this working: In CallPage, in the widget that you want to use on your BLAB page, add "'" as a trusted domain.

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