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How to Create an Event | Duda + BLAB Tutorial
How to Create an Event | Duda + BLAB Tutorial

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? With the BLAB Events widget, you can create and host events with ease

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Hey Boss 👋

As a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or business owner, hosting events such as webinars, product demonstrations, or Q&A sessions can be a powerful tool for improving your business. Not only do events allow you to connect with your audience and potential customers, but they also help to establish your expertise and build your brand.

With the Events widget from Duda and BLAB, creating and hosting events has never been easier. In this tutorial, we will explain how to set up the Events widget so you can start hosting your own events and growing your business.

Follow these instructions 🎥

Or read below 😎

  1. Begin from your Book Like A Boss app Dashboard, and click on Events, which is located in the top menu. Now click on the New Event button

  2. Choose between One Time Event and Recurring Event and fill the rest of the basic info, such as description, date and duration

  3. When you hit Save, you'll see the a screen where you'll be able to customize your event even further and do stuff like:

    1. Set price

    2. Set max. number of attendees

    3. Stablish payment options

    4. Configure manual approval, and more.

  4. As we do for Appointments and Services, you may add Custom Forms, Reminders and Follow ups to your process making the experience more personalized and powerful, streamlined with your marketing efforts

  5. We also suggest you add at least one image that will work as a cover for you Event and will make it pop up so much more

Create your Event Widget and add it to your site🧑‍💻

  1. Go to Widgets from the top menu, then Add Widget

  2. Under Package Type choose Events and then select which events you'd like to show. Name your Widget, set your preferred color and font, and hit save

  3. Go back to your website editor, look for the Book Like A Boss widget, and drag it into an empty space on your website

  4. From the dropdown menu, select the Events widget you've just created

  5. That's it. You can adjust the sizing to that it looks nice, Publish the website and let the people start attending your events!

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