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How to Create Digital and Physical Products | Duda + BLAB Tutorial
How to Create Digital and Physical Products | Duda + BLAB Tutorial

Wanna start selling digital or physical products but don't know where to begin? We've got you! Plus, some great examples to get you started

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Sell digital and physical products without complicated e-commerce solutions. Book Like A Boss offers built-in options to help you manage and send all kinds of digital content to your customers via email, including eBooks, video content, templates, software, and music. If your business requires it, you can also sell physical products like books, DVDs, or t-shirts, which you will ship to your customers.

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  1. First of all, from your Book Like A Boss app Dashboard go to Services, located in the top menu, then click New Service

  2. Under Package Type, choose either Physical or Digital Product, set your price, and hit Save.

  3. Navigate through the left panel to add the Custom Forms you'll need to complete the request, such as address, product size, phone number

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