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How can I embed Youtube videos on my booking page?
How can I embed Youtube videos on my booking page?

Want to put a flashy video on your booking page? We get it. Here's how to do it.

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Hey Boss 👋

You want to make your booking page stand out, is there a better way than with a personalized Youtube video?

Easy as pie, here's a little guide for you to do it yourself:

How to add your personal video 😎

Prefer a written walkthrough? We got you 👇

  1. Go to your Dashboard

  2. From there go to Other Settings, then click on Integrations

  3. There you'll see the Youtube integration card where you can paste your video link

  4. Make sure to hit the Save button and, boom! Your video is now live on the top section of your booking page.

Adding a video on an individual booking page instead

  1. From your Dashboard go to the Booking pages section then click on the Appointment, Product, Service of Event tab depending on where you'd like to add your video

  2. Hover the Appointment, Product, Service of Event card until the three dots symbol ( ... ) appears. Click on it and then on Edit.

  3. Once you're inside the edit mode go to Cover Media where you'll have to scroll to the Gallery

  4. Click on the Add Youtube Video to paste your video link

  5. Remember to hit Save Changes and that's it.

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