If you are interested in setting up different types of text pages for your clients you can do so.

Some examples of text pages include:

- Terms and Conditions

- Thank you Pages

- Instruction pages

- Privacy Policy

You can set up these pages, by clicking on the Pages tab on your Dashboard.

Name your page and decide what you would like to include on the page.

You can add images or video to this page to make it as robust or creative as you would like.

Make sure to Save.

You can now take the URL for this page and use it how you would like.

For example a "Thank You" text page and set it up as an auto-redirect, which will pop up when your client places a booking.

You can use a Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy text page on your booking form ( enter as a hyperlink) which your clients can click and see when placing a booking, to read up on your policies.

Lots of cool ways to use this- and this feature is unlimited! You can create as many as you would like!

Check out the video below to see how it works.

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