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What features are available in the Appsumo Pro plan?
What features are available in the Appsumo Pro plan?

All Appsumo users have the option to upgrade their account to the PRO version of their licence at any time.

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In order to upgrade your account please go to this page:

The following features are part of the PRO account (depending on your selection from the dropdown menu), which will be added to your plan once an upgrade is made.

  1. Custom footer - customize the footer of your page with your own logo, branding and colors.

  2. SMS reminder notifications - set the frequency of these reminders as you require

  3. Branding removal - remove "powered by Book Like A Boss" text from all emails, booking success windows and your booking page

  4. Group bookings - take more than one booking per time slot. For example, you would like to offer a webinar with 10 attendees at 9pm.  

  5. Classes

  6. Events- this includes one time events and recurring events

Please watch this video to see exactly how these features work and what you will receive following the upgrade:

 (If you have multiple licenses you want to upgrade please contact us before upgrading)

Hope that answers all your questions!
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