Booking confirmation, reschedule & cancel emails

At the time of writing, we do not currently offer the ability to customize these emails that are sent out to your customers. However, in the interim, there is an ability to add extra details to the bottom of any emails that are sent out.

This can be accessed by visiting the "custom text, colors, fonts" page when you are logged into the admin area of your page. If you scroll to the bottom of that page you will notice these text fields shown in the image below:

We have considered all scenarios where emails are sent out, giving you full access to add information to each and every one. You are able to customize the text and also add links should you wish. This information will appear at the top of the emails that are sent out as shown in the image below:

SMS messages

These messages are not customizable at the time of writing and are only sent for reminders, not booking confirmations or cancellations and so forth. The SMS that you and or your customer will receive will look like the following image sent prior to the appointment as per the settings you entered in the reminder modal window.

Success Messages

There is also the option to add a success message that is shown on the popup window following the success of booking an appointment or service. This is also included in the email as shown in the following two screenshots:

I hope that answers all of your questions!

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