Pay only for what you need

Start with the package that fits your needs and easily upgrade at any time.

Included in all plans are the following features:
Personal booking page
Unlimited bookings & appointments
3 page design options - Full URL, custom URL or lite URL  
Custom form builder
Confirmation and reminder emails
Customize your page (colors, fonts & more)
Offer Coupons
Control settings (buffer, cut-off & more)
Tracking and integrations (Google Analytics, Zoom and more)

For many of these features we have tutorial videos explaining the scenarios that they can be used in as well as how to set them up.

What additional features are available?

Once you subscribe to either Espresso, Mocha, Cappuccino or Latte there are a number of fantastic features that will really make your page POP such as:

Payment Integrations - We integrate with Stripe, Square and Paypal or get paid in cash. Sell Services, Digital & Physical Products.

SMS reminders - reduce those 'no shows' and set the frequency as you wish

Group bookings - multiple customers can book for the same time slot, great for if you are offering webinars or demos.

Embed widget - add your booking calendar on to Wordpress, Squarespace and many others. Here is a live example.

Custom domains - Use your own domain or keep the free URL we give you.

White Label - Remove any BLAB branding from your page, embedded calendars and emails.

For more information on our pricing plans refer to our pricing page here:

Look forward to welcoming you to the team Boss!

Have a great one!

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